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doctors concerned about complex legal landscape for transgender patients: analysis

(ABc News)

"'The timing of this announcement is particularly deadly in the midst of a pandemic that disproportionately impacts transgender populations and communities of color,' said co-author Sula Malina . . ."

"'The shame that many LGBTQ people feel can take a toll on mental and emotional well-being,' says Sula Malina, a therapist in training . . ."

how to celebrate pride in 2020 amidst protests and a global pandemic 


38 reasons why you keep dreaming about your ex - and what to do next 


"'Due to a heightened sense of fear and uncertainty in our waking life, many of the dreams people are having right now are anxiety dreams,' says Sula Malina, therapist in training . . ."

identifying as queer in a straight-passing relationship exposed me to the isolating reality of queer invisibility


"Queer invisibility is a function of both biphobia (prejudice toward bisexual people) and monosexism (the belief that everyone is and should be attracted to one gender, and the system that supports and rewards such beliefs), says social worker Sula Malina . . ."

24 ways to actually suport lgbtq+ people in 2020


"Memorizing the 'right meaning' of all the words is not the point, says Sula Malina, a therapist in training . . . 'The real work is not in memorizing dictionary entries but in building trusting relationships with LGBTQ folks who will feel safe to share their experiences with you' . . ."

the future of one-night stands in the age of coronavirus


"'Typically, the decision to have one-night stands impacts only ourselves and our partners,' said therapist-in-training Sula Malina. 'These days, however, the activity has more widespread implications' . . ."

i threw happiness at my wall and this is what stuck


"Sula Malina, a therapist in training . . . says: 'So long as you can frame these spots as places we're looking forward to visiting or moving - rather than places we can't currently visit or move - looking at photographs of our literal 'happy place' can actually impact our happiness in the present moment' . . ."

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