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Helping Professionals Create and Sustain

LGBTQ+ Affirming spaces


Now Available for Virtual Trainings, Webinars, and Private Consultation

How to Use

Sula's Pronouns


"Let's reach out to Sula. They seem like they could be a good fit."

"I agree, let's reach out to Sula. I'd like to speak with them."

"Yes. I think we might like their approach." 

"I wonder what they are comfortable sharing about themself." 

"Sula catered their presentation precisely to the needs of our clinical team and presented with remarkable confidence and authority.  They showed deep knowledge of the subject matter and relayed the material with notable nuance and sensitivity.  We are thrilled to maintain a close connection to Sula as a consultant and advisor and highly recommend them to other practitioners and teams seeking to build on their LGBTQ+ cultural responsiveness."

-- Melissa Gerson, LCSW, Founder and Clinical Director, Columbus Park Center for Eating Disorders

"Sula went above and beyond to ensure our team's understanding and our consult needs were met by providing informative resources and encouraged thoughtful conversation." 

-- Julie Pappalardo, LMHC, Provider, Columbus Park Center for Eating Disorders

"Sula is an incredible facilitator who creates spaces of purpose and warmth. Their approachable and engaging style fosters meaningful dialogue and encourages participants to make lasting, tangible commitments towards building a socially just professional practice. They are skilled at working with people from all levels of development to understand the complex forces that shape how we come to understand ourselves, connect with others, and navigate a stratified world. I highly recommend Sula!" 

-- Avi Edelman, Associate Director of Multicultural Affairs & Manager of Diversity Education, Columbia University

"Sula Malina is an extraordinarily gifted trainer and educator. They have a deep understanding of culturally responsive service delivery and environments for LGBTQIA+ communities. Sula is a highly effective trainer skilled at presenting concepts and best practices in a remarkably engaging, clear and patient manner."

-- Alex Keuroghlian, Director of Education and Training Programs, The Fenway Institute

"Sula’s passion and expertise around LGBTQ+ identities and experiences—and how to create supportive spaces for those who hold them—is broad and nuanced, and they are well-prepared to provide professional development to various audiences on the subject."

-- Vinnie Pompei, Director, Youth Well-Being Program and Time to THRIVE, Human Rights Campaign

"Sula is an amazing resource. Their presentation on "Alternative Sexualities in Healthcare: Providing Affirming Care to Patients who Engage in Kink, BDSM, Fetish, Swinging, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, and Open Arrangements" was transformative for my practice. I've rewatched their presentation on several occasions and have gleaned new information each time. Sula has also been so helpful and compassionate when I have asked for a consultation. I find Sula to be very accepting and supportive of me as a person and provider. This has really allowed me to understand my biases and work through them in order to provide better care for our clients. I'm so grateful for the work Sula does."

-- Julie Putt, FNP, President, True U Clinic

"Sula’s presentation on 'Alternative Sexualities and Relationship Orientations: An Introduction to Kink, BDSM, Fetish, Swinging, Ethical Non-Monogamy, Polyamory, Open Arrangements, and More' for HIV service providers was informative and an absolute joy to witness. They make what is often perceived as an uncomfortable topic approachable, engaging, educational, and relevant for health professionals. Sula tackles shame and stigma with compassion and information. They make it easy to ask questions and create an environment where people at all levels of knowledge feel welcome. Thank you Sula!"

-- Amber Coyne, MPH, End the Syndemic Coordinator, Tennessee Department of Health

service options

staff training

Whether your workplace is a private psychotherapy practice, a non-profit organization, a student counseling center, or a health center, I will work with representatives from your team to develop a 2-hour, interactive training on supporting LGBTQ+ clients, students, colleagues, patients, or employees. These trainings can be tailored to speak directly to issues confronted at your workplace, or can offer a more general introduction to LGBTQ+ identities and experiences.

Examples of past trainings include:

  • "An Introduction to Trans Identities & Experiences"

  • "Navigating Gender & Sexuality in the Workplace"

private consultation

Do you work regularly with LGBTQ+ clients or patients? I am available to establish ongoing consultation - individually or with your team - to introduce LGBTQ+ culturally-responsive best practices and discuss specific client/patient needs as they arise.

Examples of past topics of consultation include:

  • Unique causes and manifestations of eating disorders among transgender populations

student/youth workshops

Do you work with LGBTQ+ students or youth? I am available to design and facilitate workshops and discussions with students around navigating LGBTQ+ identities in various contexts.

Examples of past workshops include:

  • "Navigating LGBTQ+ Identities in Quarantine and Isolation"

contact me to discuss rates!

Service Options
About Sula


Sula Malina (they/them/theirs) is a private trainer and consultant, offering personalized trainings and webinars for professionals and workplaces of all kinds to support them in building and sustaining LGBTQ+-affirming spaces for their employees, colleagues, students, customers, and communities. They are also a psychotherapist, serving predominantly queer and trans clients, at Greene Clinic - a private, group practice in Brooklyn. They hold an MSW from the Columbia School of Social Work.


Sula most recently worked with Columbia University's Multicultural Affairs team, developing curricula on disability justice for students, faculty, and staff. Prior to graduate school, they served as Children, Youth and Families Program Coordinator at Human Rights Campaign, and worked with The National LGBTQ Education Center (a program of Fenway Health) as a consultant. Sula's writing on providing affirming medical care for trans and non-binary patients has been published in The New England Journal of MedicineAnnals of Family Medicine, and The Columbia Social Work Review

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